Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Coffeeneuring 2021 - Seventh Cup at Ethan Allen Park

Well past colorful autumn foliage, it was time to think...sticks will do!


Planted shrubs, but of course I couldn't pluck what little leaves remained. The added a smidgen of crimson against an otherwise drab landscape.

So nice to enjoy a picnic table.

I brought guard dog this time - kind of forgot about him!

The grand finale: 2021's Coffeeneuring quilt!

Art for art's sake

I was lucky to fit in six of seven outings on weekends. The first coffeeneuring was enjoyed under a full moon and while I planned to finish the challenge during the lunar eclipse - wouldn't that have been cool! - the weather failed to cooperate. I've learned though my mini art displays theme that it's worth adding a little pizzazz into my coffee-without-walls excursions. I'm a creative soul at heart, so thanks Mary (queen coffeeneur) for the idea and approval. This concludes my 9th year of coffeeneuring, and I realized this was the first year I drank only tea, so I'm officially a Tea-neur! 

The Place: Ethan Allen Park
Date: Sunday, November 21
Drink: Barry's Black Tea
Observation: A warm 45F day
Total Miles: 10

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Coffeeneuring 2021 - Sixth Cup at Lone Sailor Park

The Zen of pebble designs - as mesmerizing but not as risky as stacking dominoes!

Stones were the only art that would hold up against the strong November gusts - commonplace this time of year.

There is still foliage, mostly yellow and gold.

My leopard print thermos is a delight for my eyes and cozy warm against hands.

The sprouting maples were tenacious and vivid color against a monochrome windy waterfront.

This photo makes me happy because it displays moody clouds, picturesque Spirit of Ethan Allen tour boat, Rock Point peninsula, planted grasses bending in the breeze, and an awesome lake view surrounding my bicycle..

A steel sculpture that captivates me because of it's construction. The art is a rusting reminder of old mooring buoys once bobbing in the lake from Burlington's lumber and oil days.

Pedaling beneath the golden Linden trees.

Art for art's sake

Lone Sailor Park is tucked away on a manmade peninsula, with plaques commemorating Lake Champlain naval battles, and honoring Vermont veterans on the former site of the naval reserve center. A larger than life sculpture of a sailor stands prominently, gazing at the lake. I often take selfies with the sailor and post on Instagram. The park is very private and often overlooked - a boon for locals seeking solitude. I avoided goofy selfies this time, preferring to concentrate on location, views, and of course, coffeeneuring! The land was somewhat sheltered from the strong wind - a perfect spot to enjoy a cup of tea and arrange pebbles to my heart's content.

The Place: Lone Sailor Park, also visited in 2017
Date: Saturday, November 13
Drink: Chai Tea
Observation: A blustery November day
Total Miles: 15

Thursday, November 18, 2021

Coffeeneuring 2021 - Fifth Cup at Rossetti Natural Area Beach

A heart made with leaves - my son's idea - embracing a Powell's Books mug.

Still autumn color, though waning, from the local lookout. My son and I gravitated to this spot when we mountain bike on local trails then reconvened on the beach for tea.

Oaks and beech trees provide a colorful beach backdrop.

Even a cell phone camera paints me in a new light (ha, had to say that!). Such fun selfies. :)

Love the sand divots.

My mountain bike loving son, always game for a bike ride. It was his idea to visit this spot.

My son's art contribution.

Gazing west - oh, the Adirondacks so clear on the horizon!

Art for art's sake

I'm surprised that November's weekend weather has provided ample opportunity for coffeeneuring! On the heels of solitary sipping and big miles on the Dahon, the next day I grabbed my mountain bike for more local exploration and relaxing on a quiet beach. For the second time I've noticed that the lighting on this north-facing beach lends itself to stellar selfies and an interesting vantage of the Colchester Causeway and New York's Adirondacks. And I always welcome our 19 year old's attendance - twice, so far  - who embraces coffeeneuring, especially when mom brings an extra mug.

The Place: Rosetti Natural Area Beach
Date: Sunday, November 7
Drink: Chai Tea
Observation: Another perfect day!
Total Miles: 10

Monday, November 15, 2021

Coffeeneuring 2021 - Fourth Cup at Blanchard Beach

A QCBC bandana makes a perfect table cloth.
Sunshine filled my soul.


Park and admire.

Watching the ducks on the sandbar.

Still lots of autumn color!

Wear flannel; ride wherever.

Art for art's sake

Blanchard Beach and the Earth Clock is attractive year-round for it's sweeping lake views and sandy beach. Burlington recently added several more benches for park goers, but I prefer to sit on the  concrete blocks for better views and easier coffeeneuring set up. Without autumn leaves for my art installation, I tore sprigs from a bountiful cherry tree for a colorful arrangement. My husband met up with me later and we continued on for a longer loop homeward. I hadn't ridden the Eco 3 in a while and my back was sore in the evening, but a yoga workout eventually cured the discomfort!

The Place: Blanchard Beach
Date: Saturday, November 6
Drink: Chai Tea
Observation: A perfect 50F November day
Total Miles: 30

Thursday, November 11, 2021

Coffeeneuring 2021 - Third Cup at Lakeview Cemetery

Collecting gorgeous maple leaves.

Is the maple insignia on the mug appropriate or what!

A beautiful cemetery overlooking Lake Champlain.

The crew investigating my coffee set up.

Art for art's sake

I was thankful for a break in weather to get out with family, enjoy peak foliage along the lakeshore, and eventually complete a loop together before heading home in light rain.

Lakeview Cemetery feels like a park, with its narrow winding roads beneath lovely oaks, maples, and hydrangea trees (among others) currently shaped like umbrellas with maroonish-colored blossoms. The grounds are, in my opinion, the loveliest resting place in Burlington. One end borders the Greenway Path and overlooks the lake. Some people come for the sunsets and/or it's great spot to watch fireworks. I also came here in 2018.

I sat a respectful distance from the gravestones, collected the most colorful maple leaves, then placed my, coincidentally, maple-emblemed mug in the center. Our youngest son joined me to share a thermos of strong ginger tea.

The Place: Lakeview Cemetery
Date: Saturday, October 30
Drink: Ginger Tea
Observation: This is it, peak fall foliage! I made the tea way too strong for my liking. Note to self: one tea bag is plenty.
Total Miles: 13

Monday, November 8, 2021

Making Sense of Riding Statistics


In late October, I caught up with logging 2021's bicycle mileage into the spreadsheet and noted some interesting trends compared with the previous year. 

Because riding was so erratic in 2020 of course I rode most days for sanity, with no clear pattern as to which days of the week I preferred. 

2021 was a different story! I secured employment in January and even though I work from home, daily rides were still  necessary, and I got out most days after work. The 2021 chart reflects those post work "commutes". 
2021 through end of October

Higher mileage on weekends is also a sign of normalcy. I relish the sun and stay outside as long as possible, especially this autumn. With a less than stimulating job and busy early mornings, I live for night rides and enjoy weekend daylight - the chart proves it!

2021 through the end
of October.

With 3142 total miles in 2020, I'm on track to meet, if not surpass, last years mileage.

I learned to ride on snow covered paths during winter 2020/2021, a big change from low mileage January- February 2020. Rocking studded tires means I ride most winter days.

Even with 2020's hiccups, I've made riding a bicycle a priority. It has helped me adapt, both physically and mentally, to life's challenges. Long live this simple, beautiful machine!