Thursday, November 11, 2021

Coffeeneuring 2021 - Third Cup at Lakeview Cemetery

Collecting gorgeous maple leaves.

Is the maple insignia on the mug appropriate or what!

A beautiful cemetery overlooking Lake Champlain.

The crew investigating my coffee set up.

Art for art's sake

I was thankful for a break in weather to get out with family, enjoy peak foliage along the lakeshore, and eventually complete a loop together before heading home in light rain.

Lakeview Cemetery feels like a park, with its narrow winding roads beneath lovely oaks, maples, and hydrangea trees (among others) currently shaped like umbrellas with maroonish-colored blossoms. The grounds are, in my opinion, the loveliest resting place in Burlington. One end borders the Greenway Path and overlooks the lake. Some people come for the sunsets and/or it's great spot to watch fireworks. I also came here in 2018.

I sat a respectful distance from the gravestones, collected the most colorful maple leaves, then placed my, coincidentally, maple-emblemed mug in the center. Our youngest son joined me to share a thermos of strong ginger tea.

The Place: Lakeview Cemetery
Date: Saturday, October 30
Drink: Ginger Tea
Observation: This is it, peak fall foliage! I made the tea way too strong for my liking. Note to self: one tea bag is plenty.
Total Miles: 13

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  1. Wow, that's unique, never seen a cemetery along a bike path before! Looks like a really lovely place for a "mellow" outing via the bikes! Thanks for taking us along have a excellent Thanksgiving Holiday! :)


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