Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Coffeeneuring 2018 - Sixth Cup, a 2-fer on a Blustery Afternoon

Snow-filled clouds and strong winds howl and stir up Lake Champlain.
Early to mid November can be rainy or snowy or extremely blustery. Sometimes it can be all of the above. This year November is chilly, below average, I figure, just to make up for July and August's record heatwave. But the lure of the lake is strong, and spinning wheels the perfect instrument to sing rhythmic solitude, so I bundle up in down parka and my warmest mittens and set off on my folder, just because I can't get enough of my brilliant little bike - time is limited before I trade it for the chunky tired Trek Antelope. 

A thermos of tea can heal the grumpies, and with a historical venue in mind (to keep with my theme), I set off to explore one of the Burlington Traction Company's buildings. The former trolley maintenance building was built about 1900 with four large bays, then re-purposed as a Vermont Translines bus facility until 1999.
Vermont Translines' logo is prominently displayed on the building.
In recent times, the bay doors were glassed in and the building converted for commercial use. Fortunately, it still retains enough original architecture, and fits Burlington's historic character of mostly brick construction, and was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2004.

I liked the rusty decoration, which turned out to be a fire alarm cover. Since this discovery, I've located one other example on the side of a downtown building.

I balance a cup of tea on the seat and snap photos. Interesting to later see my reflection in the windows! After quickly downing the tea - cooling off in the chill - my bike falls over in the breeze. I rescued Miss Dahon - no harm done - and decide to keep riding, heading for the waterfront.

Oh how I enjoy being by the lake!
I automatically include lights on any ride these days, which lends comfort, and I can stay out as long as I want.

Adjacent to the waterfront path is Lakewood Cemetery. With abundant trees, winding paths, 200+ year old oak trees, and sweeping views of the water, this place was once on the outskirts of the city and built in the late 1800s when the fashion was to enjoy burial grounds like parks. Previous to 1830 only small family plots existed, until Mt Auburn Cemetery in Massachusetts changed how people view burial grounds. It was also a time when there weren't many city parks, thus cemeteries functioned as picnic grounds. I think Lakewood Cemetery is one of the prettiest places in Burlington.

It's also the resting place of my father's family and many of my husband's relatives, including his parents who we recently laid to rest. I discovered beach stones lovingly placed on my mother-in-law's gravestone, a perfect spot to enjoy my remaining tea, and contemplate those wishing stones which came from their camp's rocky shore, a place she dearly loved. The visit was short-lived however, as the wind continued it's blustery howl. I packed up and rode north a few more miles before turning back towards home, toasty and satiated and full of family warm-fuzzies.

The Place:  Burlington Traction Company & Lake View Cemetery
Date: Sunday, November 11
Drink: Chai tea in a thermos
Observation:  I know that Burlington is steeped with history but it's fun to learn about one place at a time. Each year Preservation Burlington holds a history tour in Lakewood Cemetery. I hope to make next year's event.
Total Miles: 15

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