I ride bicycles for transportation, touring, and bike overnights. I'm most happy dreaming and planning the next adventure. I also lean towards rescuing and updating 1980s bikes, often undervalued as reliable commuting machines. In 2016  I sprang for a Rivendell Clementine because I wanted a wide-tire, step-through touring rig, though I still appreciate older bicycles. You might call me a budding mechanic - I upgrade parts, add stylish bling, well...just because. When a girl has her own red toolbox, anything's possible!

anniebikesalot [at] gmail [dot] com


  1. Hi Annie! I think my wife and I met you during Vermontreal 2009, 2010, or 2011. We're from Virginia. I've gotten into bike touring in 2014 and have been amused to see you 'show' up on Bike Overnights and chasing mailboxes. Cycling brings people to together. Hope 2015 is another great cycling year for you!

    1. Yes, we met on at least one of those adventures. I've been more active on completing solo overnight bike rides in recent years (and submitted two adventure posts to Bike Overnights) because it cures my wanderlust. But, I did complete the entire GAP and C&O last fall with my husband and friend. I enjoyed it immensely!

      Thanks for commenting here. It's quite interesting how our interest in bike riding bridges the Internet gap.

    2. And, if I recall correctly you and your wife showed up at Snow Far Vineyard (beginning of many VerMontreal trips) with nice Specialized commuter bikes. I've always liked the curvy frame style.


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