My Bicycles

Trek 830 Antelope
The Trek is the best of my bikes in so many ways: it's lightweight, sports ample racks, and it's low gearing can get me up the steepest of Vermont's hills. Purchased new in 1986. The Trek was my mainstay for 22 years until 2008.

For more background: Trek 830 Antelope.

Miyata 610 Grand Touring
She's a classic beauty, one I keep in good condition even though original gearing is a challenge on aging legs. Purchased in 1983, she brought me across the country in 1984-85. And today, when flat tours are on the agenda, it's my bicycle of choice. The bike's geometry soaks up the road.

For more on the Miyata 610 and links to chronicled upgrades, see Classic Miyata 610 Touring Bike.

Ross Mount Saint Helens
Acquired at a neighbor's garage sale, and bought originally as a parts bike for my Trek, it has now become a great love. I appreciate sitting upright. It has been my commuter bike since 2015 and has inspired me to purchase the Rivendell Clementine. Ross is circa 1984-85.

I've tinkered with this bike more than any other in my stable. 

For a sampling of fixes:
The Versatile Ross Mount Saint Helens
Spiffing up the Ross
New Front Rack for the Ross
Snazzy New Seat for the Ross

Peugeot UO 14
This 12 speed was my brother's bike, purchased new in 1983, passed to me in 2010. While still a work in progress, I plan to keep this as a simple machine, without toe clips and fenders, updated with upright bar.

Swapped handlebars: Peugeot UO 14 - Adjustable Handlebars

First upgrades: Peugeot UO 14 - Making it Mine.
For original condition: 1983 Peugeot UO 14.

You want more bike love? For a comparison of three of my four bikes, see The Ideal Bicycle. If  I could only choose one bike...

*update: is my ideal bicycle now the Clementine below? Only time will tell.

Rivendell Clementine
This is my first new bike in 30 years, pre-ordered spring 2016, arrived in August. Hopefully, this will become my stellar, stable step-through touring bike that will instill confidence as I ride into my later years.

Peugeot St. Laurent
In 2017, I finally found an appropriate-sized (21") step through 1988 mountain bike (to replace a too small Ross Mt. Saint Helens) to become my commuter bike. I enjoy the fit, upright stance, and a smooth ride over varied terrain.

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