Thursday, May 10, 2018

Exploring NYC by Bicycle - Brooklyn Bound

A break for views on the Manhattan Bridge.

Here we go! Based in Brooklyn, the idea is to explore some of New York City's highlights with my eldest son, and have adventures along the way. With 5 full days ahead of us, it's sure to be a great time.

Manhattan Bridge structure.

After a nine hour Amtrak ride we whisked our bikes up 3 flights of escalators in Manhattan's Penn Station and joined the throngs of other bike riders navigating routes home. I'm proud of my son who used his phone mounted on his bike and led us on a 7 mile journey to our Brooklyn's Park Slope AirBnB accommodation to arrive shortly after 8 pm. I'm glad we brought bike lights!

Our place is on the ground floor, has two beds, an amazing kitchen area, a nice hot shower, is quiet, all with our bikes tucked safely in a hallway.

This will do nicely for our stay!


  1. Brilliant tour concept! GravelDoc and I used a similar approach, with a rented cabin as basecamp, to explore Oklahoma forest roads, and it worked out well. Plenty of unencumbered riding by day, followed by luxury at night. Have a great time, and send more reports when you can!

  2. So awesome! Hope you both enjoy your time in NYC! :)

  3. Park Slope is a great base for a New York stay. Enjoy!


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