Monday, November 15, 2021

Coffeeneuring 2021 - Fourth Cup at Blanchard Beach

A QCBC bandana makes a perfect table cloth.
Sunshine filled my soul.


Park and admire.

Watching the ducks on the sandbar.

Still lots of autumn color!

Wear flannel; ride wherever.

Art for art's sake

Blanchard Beach and the Earth Clock is attractive year-round for it's sweeping lake views and sandy beach. Burlington recently added several more benches for park goers, but I prefer to sit on the  concrete blocks for better views and easier coffeeneuring set up. Without autumn leaves for my art installation, I tore sprigs from a bountiful cherry tree for a colorful arrangement. My husband met up with me later and we continued on for a longer loop homeward. I hadn't ridden the Eco 3 in a while and my back was sore in the evening, but a yoga workout eventually cured the discomfort!

The Place: Blanchard Beach
Date: Saturday, November 6
Drink: Chai Tea
Observation: A perfect 50F November day
Total Miles: 30

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