Thursday, November 18, 2021

Coffeeneuring 2021 - Fifth Cup at Rossetti Natural Area Beach

A heart made with leaves - my son's idea - embracing a Powell's Books mug.

Still autumn color, though waning, from the local lookout. My son and I gravitated to this spot when we mountain bike on local trails then reconvened on the beach for tea.

Oaks and beech trees provide a colorful beach backdrop.

Even a cell phone camera paints me in a new light (ha, had to say that!). Such fun selfies. :)

Love the sand divots.

My mountain bike loving son, always game for a bike ride. It was his idea to visit this spot.

My son's art contribution.

Gazing west - oh, the Adirondacks so clear on the horizon!

Art for art's sake

I'm surprised that November's weekend weather has provided ample opportunity for coffeeneuring! On the heels of solitary sipping and big miles on the Dahon, the next day I grabbed my mountain bike for more local exploration and relaxing on a quiet beach. For the second time I've noticed that the lighting on this north-facing beach lends itself to stellar selfies and an interesting vantage of the Colchester Causeway and New York's Adirondacks. And I always welcome our 19 year old's attendance - twice, so far  - who embraces coffeeneuring, especially when mom brings an extra mug.

The Place: Rosetti Natural Area Beach
Date: Sunday, November 7
Drink: Chai Tea
Observation: Another perfect day!
Total Miles: 10


  1. Envious of your coffee/tea outside locations.

    1. Randy, thanks. We're lucky to live here and enjoy scenic public parks.


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