Friday, October 23, 2020

Coffeeneuring 2020 - Fourth Cup at Rossetti Natural Area Beach

Days later, I'm still shaking sand out of my shoes...

After riding a gravel path, entrance to the beach is just beyond the walkway. The natural area is a wetland, home to rare Back Oak trees.

Finding a perfect spot to lean my bike.

Ah, good place to relax on the sand and nurture the soul.

I'm glad my girlfriend taught me how to use the phone camera timer! 

Clams have been slowly disappearing from Lake Champlain due to a zebra mussel infestation., so I'm happy when I at least spot clam shells. 

I'm unsure if this an example of the protected Black Oak tree.

I've been using favorite pottery mugs so far in this challenge.  Around this particular mug is a series of figures, including one on a bike, throwing spears at a SUV.

Focusing on Gratitude

I'm scrambling to pack in as many coffeeneuring outings as possible during peak foliage! With that immediate goal, I zipped to Rossetti Natural Area and spent a lovely half hour sipping coffee and watching Canadian geese paddling off shore before completing a circuit homeward.

I was in the mood for coffee instead of tea, so I brought along my Stanley Thermos, using the coffee press apparatus, pressed at home with added milk. I leave the grounds in the bottom though, which makes the best strong brew. 

I'm very grateful to be living near water.  I'm very lucky to have a backyard river view. but we're also a  five minute walk to Delta Park and a 10 minute ride to Rossetti Natural Area (also visited in 2017). Over the years, if it's not clear by now, I've gravitated towards Lake Champlain in all seasons because it sustains my soul like nothing else.

The Place: Rossetti Natural Area
Date: Monday, October 19
Drink: Espresso with foamed milk
Observation: Autumn colors are stunning!
Total Miles: 7


  1. I need to remember to check your blog more often. I always enjoy reading about your cycling outings. Completely different experience than here in So Cal.

  2. I love that you bring your favorite mug despite it being bulky and heavy I'm sure.

  3. We have plenty of rivers but I would like to have a lake nearby like you.


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