Sunday, October 22, 2017

Coffeeneuring 2017 - Third Cup at Rossetti Natural Area Beach

Another warm 70F + weekend is a gift in late October. Time for another Coffee Shop Without Walls, Water View edition!

The scenery: can't beat peak foliage along the waterfront path. And the smooth repaved and wider lanes are spectacular. Oddly enough, I pedaled around a firetruck blocking the path. After smelling smoke and spying firemen and people on the beach, I presume a Saturday night bonfire had rekindled in the morning breeze.

I was pleased to see colorful young maples in vibrant hues along Colchester's Holy Cross Road bike path.

At Rossetti Natural Area, I biked through the gravel parking lot, down a wide path, then over a boardwalk, then declared a nearby log as official coffeenering base. Sheltered from the south wind, the entire beach was an extraordinairy, windless oasis. 

As an experiment, I swished coffee in a tea strainer until the brew was strong. Easy, peasy clean up, toss coffee soaked utensil in a plastic bag. I'm also considering buying a single cup coffee press that would satisfy my need for better brews on bike overnights.

Coffeeneuring to my heart's content!

The Place: Rossetti Natural Area Beach
Date: Sunday, October 22
Drink: Speeder & Earls classic
Observation:  A tea strainer makes an acceptable cup of joe.
Total Miles: 8.5


  1. Nice pictures Annie, what a lovely day. I use a single cup french press at home and if I ever do a coffee without walls coffeeneuring ride it will be what I use

    1. I ordered a Stanley coffee press, can't wait for it to arrive!

  2. Beautiful photos and fall foliage. Wish I could join you. I'll have to try a tea ride. Hot down here so iced tea is my java. Make a great glass with a tea maker and organic Classic Black tea by Choice. Stevia is the sweetener. - Liz


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