Thursday, October 26, 2017

The Beauty of Bike Overnights at Camp

The sun has just risen, geese are honking, and I'm heading south along the waterfront trail. It is relatively quiet and peaceful, a world away from nearby busy North Avenue, with breathtaking views across Lake Champlain to New York.

I treasure this solitude, pedaling, observing glimpses of emerging fall color on the distant shoreline.

I come across hundreds of squawking geese, rousing, preparing for flight. I laugh at their rambunctiousness.

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We are lucky to have a place on the lake, within cycling distance to my workplace. Come September, renters are gone, and most family members have abandoned staying overnight, mostly because the camp is unheated. However, I look at the months of September and October as prime-time before camp closes for the season. Summer visitors - and the commotion associated with it - are gone. The only noises are occasional raccoons or woodchucks squealing in the tight spaces below camp, an ongoing nature program we've become accustomed to all summer. Sunsets are still beautiful and with the aid of space heaters I enjoy peace and quiet and simple living. My mother-in-law sums up the experience nicely, "Camp is camp".

Commuting homeward during peak foliage.
And so, I enjoy bike overnights of a different flavor.

Last weekend my husband and youngest son mobilized and rode to camp for a balmy October evening, the grand finale, I imagine, as rains and cooler weather have returned.

An oak tree is ablaze in golden hues just before sunset on my ride home.


  1. I enjoying seeing fall through the eyes (lens) of others. This post especially captures the spectacular scenes and moods of the season. These things are much more subtle in Texas. But those of us to treasure them, know where to look (beginning any day now) and we'll have a rewards.

  2. Lovely pictures Annie, if you are doing bike overnights in late October I bow to you.

    1. I'm not exactly roughing it. Camp is what you might call a cottage. It has all the amenities of home, save for insulation and central heating.

  3. It looks really beautiful where you are.

    Love those glasses! Better looking than a lot of sports ones I've seen. Which model are they?

    Central heating - we only got it last year when we moved here after 35 years without it (and hardly any insulation either). Still not entirely sure of the best way to use the system - !!! - which sounds silly but people we talk to don't seem to be sure either, even the boiler man!

  4. Annie I just saw this article and immediately thought of you.


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