Saturday, October 28, 2017

Coffeeneuring 2017 - Fourth Cup at Lone Sailor Park

With breezy weather and a short time-frame, I gambled that I could find a sheltered spot to brew tea at Lone Sailor Park.

Squeezed between a working dock and ECHO science center/ UVM research facility, the statue and narrow strip of land has always attracted me to it's peaceful presence and heavenly views.

Erected in 2004, the naval statue is a replica of the original Lone Sailor in our nation's capital, and dedicated to naval battles past and present in our region. Circling the compass are plaques commemorating early naval admirals George Dewey and Henry Mayo, both naval commanders born in Vermont, Revolutionary Battle of Valcour and 1812 Battle of Plattsburgh Bay. The whole park was erected in honor of former governor Robert Stafford, a captain in the US Navy and first commanding officer of the Naval Reserve Center, site of current park.

Art depicting lake, plants, and fish.

Beyond Burlington's breakwater, foliage on the New York shoreline.

Miss Piggy tugboat.

ECHO Science Center (glass building) and UVM Lake Research building (brick).

Stove is somewhat sheltered behind a granite block.

A couple from Florida took my photo.
Who knew this area held so much history? I was pleasantly surprised that tourists eventually wandered around because the park is hidden. And I thought only locals knew about this gem!

The Place: Lone Sailor Park
Date: Friday, October 27
Drink: Bentley's Cranberry Blood Orange Rooibos Tea
Observation:  I had forgotten that this was a replica of a statue in Washington, DC. I had no idea the parklet attracted so many visitors.
Total Miles: 4 


  1. After having the Peugeot in the fold for a while how are you enjoying it? Nice park

  2. Ryan, Peugeot is perfect. What's more telling is I don't miss the Ross at all..

  3. I love that last picture of you and the statue. You and the lone sailor both look a little wind blown!

    1. Kendra, it was very windy that morning! I barely kept my hands warm wrapped around the cup. I sipped a partial cup then threw out the rest because the tea had grown cold.

  4. Interesting post. I like your outfit in the last pic! I think that must be one of the Terry skirts you bought recently. What tights (?) are you wearing underneath?

    1. Yes, it's one of my Terry skirts. I am wearing a new pair of Underarmour tights -they've changed the fabric. I much prefer the older style, less shiny.

    2. Agree about the shiny fabric. Sports clothing may be useful but sometimes it's just too, well, sporty, for my liking. I've just bought some jodhpurs to try out for cycling- really nice fabric, 95% cotton. Extremely comfortable! Haven't washed them yet, hope they don't shrink.

  5. Tea brewing! I salute you! - Liz


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