Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Coffeeneuring 2020 - Third Cup in a Wooded Clearing


A beautiful clearing near a little used trail.

Glorious golden-leafed 360 degree canopy.

Relaxing in comfort.

Focusing on Gratitude

I packed a lunch, thermos, mug, small table cloth, and a chair in a backpack for more woodland exploration aboard my mountain bike. Plus, its peak foliage viewing - always a reason to get outside!

Like in year's past my coffeeneurng outings have been afternoon wanderings to take advantage of the warmest part of October days. I'm a coffee drinker at heart but prefer herbal tea later in the day.

I took my time, pedaling towards the woods. Each time I head that direction, I search for a new entrance, or turning down (or up) a different path. This time I bushwhacked through brambles but eventually connected with a better trail, then sought a clearing on a side path, ringed with golden-leafed glory. Wind whispered through the canopy. The earthy smell of leaves, pines, and decay is intoxicating. A perfect spot to drink tea. In a half hour of relaxing, only one family walked past. Afterwards, I dropped my ballot off at the town clerk's office and returned through the woods and eventually home. 

I'm grateful for comfort in solitude. I feel totally at home having a picnic in the middle of a forest! Aspects of my life are stagnant -  it's 2020 after all - but I'm currently happy to take one day at a time, one trail at a time.
The Place: Somewhere in Colchester Woods (no official name that I can tell, but a place nonetheless I'm keeping under wraps for obvious reasons)
Date: Monday, October 18
Drink: Stash Lemon Ginger Tea
Observation: I like using the wild spaces as a cut-through to other parts of town
Total Miles: 9


  1. You're having good fun with the MtB. During our lockdown I've been calling into different places for a coffee / tea. I'm lucky to live in a large county so there's a bit more scope.

    1. Yeah, Dave, the mountain bike has been my salvation this summer.

      Great to see you've been able to also enjoy getting out of the house.


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