Sunday, October 9, 2016

Loving the Helinox Ground Chair

The Helinox Ground Chair is easy to put together.
I've been lightening my bike camping gear, little by little, but this year I've added a 1 lb. item that I can't live without: the Helinox Ground Chair.

I was seeking a foldable, compact, lightweight chair that I could relax in at campsitea, and/or as an alternative to spending long nights in a cramped prone position inside the tent. Helinox's Chair One has garnered rave reviews. I was close to considering purchasing the Chair One when I stumbled on the Ground Chair version, a relative newcomer. While both versions are reputable, I liked the stability, lighter weight, and smaller package of the Ground Chair. Both chairs have their pros and cons. The Chair One is slightly less compact, weighs 2 oz. more and is a normal chair height, yet the separate legs may sink into the ground. The Ground Chair has a stable base, but sitting position is low and it's more difficult to get up out of the chair, a feature I can live with.

The Ground Chair is a brilliant piece of engineering. It has aluminum shock-corded poles that once unfolded, practically put themselves together. Just check that all poles are securely fastened then place the sling-style cordura and mesh panel in place. And just in case you need help, directions are conveniently printed on the backside of the fabric.

The chair dimensions are surprisingly small, but once I was seated, I felt very comfortable. I've sat in the chair at events and on one bike overnight. I hadn't intended to use the chair inside a tent, but to escape insects (and admittedly to feel less vulnerable sitting outside alone in the dark) I was, quite amazingly, able to wedge the chair inside my one person tent and read for an hour.

A compact package, about the size of a 3-season sleeping bag.

The chair is a perfect addition to my bike camping adventures and can double as coffeeneuring seating for this year's Coffeeneuring Without Walls adventures. Think about it, what could be better than sipping a cup of joe, while relaxing in comfort and staring out at beautiful Lake Champlain?


  1. Nice -seems like necessary gear for Coffeeneuring without walls, or camping for that matter.

  2. Nice. I'm coffeeneuring again this year too. Eager to see your always great pictures.


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