Sunday, October 13, 2013

Coffeeneuring - Second Cup

Coffee with a view.
Second Cup - Friday, October 11
What a gorgeous morning—too gorgeous to be indoors for today's coffeeneuring bike ride. I packed a few items in my basket, ready to take advantage of the Coffee Shop Without Walls option.

I chose North Beach as my destination. This time of year the beach is closed to automobiles so visitors are few. Since it's near the lake, I didn't know how ferocious the wind might be and whether I'd huddle behind the pavilion to use my stove. It's providence though. The lake is like glass. I push my bike through deep sand and wedge the kickstand on a stick. I cover the sand with a Malaysian piece of cloth, unpack the coffeeneuring goodies, and prepare to fill the pot with water.

For a 50F morning, it was downright hot on the sand. I removed my coat.
I realize I've forgotten to bring water, let alone a bottle.

I walk to the nearby pavilion. Bathrooms are closed and drinking fountains are turned off. Packing up and leaving, retreating to a less beautiful spot near water is unappealing. But, there is all this open water in front of me, and before I over think the sanitary conditions, I dip my pot into unusually clear lake water and start heating it for coffee. I boil the water for more than five minutes. This is the best I can do to kill germs.

I feel sneaky, yet smug, cooking over a camp stove on the beach. I wonder if it's against the law.

The small pot is also a mug. I spoon coffee into the filter then stir it a bit before resting one end of filter against the spoon. This filter normally fits a regular size mug. I leave the coffee to brew for five minutes then remove the filter and grounds.

I've brought a container of milk to add to my coffee.

I dump in all the milk because the coffee looks pretty strong.

Ahhh! It's very tasty and quite perfect. I like a strong, dark blend of beans. I'm not usually fond of decaf coffee but this Fair Trade DCF Espresso is winning me over.

It's a lovely morning to contemplate the sky, watch sailboats. And enjoy a cuppa. I hope there are more opportunities to explore through this Coffee Shop Without Walls phenomena.

 More clouds roll in and I put on a coat...

...then pack up and go.

Total mileage: 4 miles.

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For rules or to join this fun event, visit Third Annual Chasing Mailboxes Coffeeneuring Challenge.


  1. :-) awesome coffee shop! Bit too cold here now to do that Brrrr

  2. What a great view to go with your coffee!!! And sand makes a fantastic stove rest! :)

  3. What a wonderful way to start the day. I'm planning on a Coffee without Walls, maybe as a finale on the 7th ride.


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