Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Coffeeneuring 2021 - Sixth Cup at Lone Sailor Park

The Zen of pebble designs - as mesmerizing but not as risky as stacking dominoes!

Stones were the only art that would hold up against the strong November gusts - commonplace this time of year.

There is still foliage, mostly yellow and gold.

My leopard print thermos is a delight for my eyes and cozy warm against hands.

The sprouting maples were tenacious and vivid color against a monochrome windy waterfront.

This photo makes me happy because it displays moody clouds, picturesque Spirit of Ethan Allen tour boat, Rock Point peninsula, planted grasses bending in the breeze, and an awesome lake view surrounding my bicycle..

A steel sculpture that captivates me because of it's construction. The art is a rusting reminder of old mooring buoys once bobbing in the lake from Burlington's lumber and oil days.

Pedaling beneath the golden Linden trees.

Art for art's sake

Lone Sailor Park is tucked away on a manmade peninsula, with plaques commemorating Lake Champlain naval battles, and honoring Vermont veterans on the former site of the naval reserve center. A larger than life sculpture of a sailor stands prominently, gazing at the lake. I often take selfies with the sailor and post on Instagram. The park is very private and often overlooked - a boon for locals seeking solitude. I avoided goofy selfies this time, preferring to concentrate on location, views, and of course, coffeeneuring! The land was somewhat sheltered from the strong wind - a perfect spot to enjoy a cup of tea and arrange pebbles to my heart's content.

The Place: Lone Sailor Park, also visited in 2017
Date: Saturday, November 13
Drink: Chai Tea
Observation: A blustery November day
Total Miles: 15

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