Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Coffeeneuring 2021 - Seventh Cup at Ethan Allen Park

Well past colorful autumn foliage, it was time to think...sticks will do!


Planted shrubs, but of course I couldn't pluck what little leaves remained. The added a smidgen of crimson against an otherwise drab landscape.

So nice to enjoy a picnic table.

I brought guard dog this time - kind of forgot about him!

The grand finale: 2021's Coffeeneuring quilt!

Art for art's sake

I was lucky to fit in six of seven outings on weekends. The first coffeeneuring was enjoyed under a full moon and while I planned to finish the challenge during the lunar eclipse - wouldn't that have been cool! - the weather failed to cooperate. I've learned though my mini art displays theme that it's worth adding a little pizzazz into my coffee-without-walls excursions. I'm a creative soul at heart, so thanks Mary (queen coffeeneur) for the idea and approval. This concludes my 9th year of coffeeneuring, and I realized this was the first year I drank only tea, so I'm officially a Tea-neur! 

The Place: Ethan Allen Park
Date: Sunday, November 21
Drink: Barry's Black Tea
Observation: A warm 45F day
Total Miles: 10


  1. I have really enjoyed keeping up with your Coffeeneuring this year!

  2. Congrats on finishing. I like how you incorporated your art.

    1. Thanks Randy. Gotta keep the challenge fresh each year.


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