Thursday, October 21, 2021

Coffeeneuring 2021 - First Cup Under a Full Moon

A windless, warm evening, listening to geese honking overhead, sipping tea and watching the full moon
rise over the Green Mountains, the glow reflecting on Lake Champlain.

I was surprised when I gazed westward and the camera flash captured all my bike's reflective bits
plus the western glow.

Mug of choice with companion Guard Dog, surrounded by maple and ash leaves.

Art for art's sake

This is my ninth year of the Coffeeneuring Challenge! I'm dedicating this year's miles to beauty in the natural world. Building upon coffeeneuring queen Mary, who places artful leaf designs on the ground and shares them via Instagram (@coffeeneur), I am opting for a similar arrangement surrounding my coffeeneuring mug. There is so much beauty in the world and I plan to revel in it!

For the inaugural sip, I set out after sunset - a practice that's necessary with long work days - to embrace night riding, heading for the causeway (former rail corridor across Lake Champlain) because of it's expansive views both west and east, this time to, hopefully, watch the full moon rise over the Green Mountains. The evening was a balmy 60+F and windless! I cruised out just far enough to park and scrambled down onto a flat marble block, my perch as the moon rose, ducked behind clouds, then eventually glowed, reflecting on the lake. Such a beautiful, rare evening. 

Reluctantly, I eventually headed the other direction to pick up groceries. As I crossed the bridge toward home, the full moon lit up the river. 

The Place: Colchester Causeway
Date: Wednesday, October 20
Drink: Ginger Tea
Observation: There were walkers and other cyclists in the darkness, including a guy with a tripod, capturing the moonrise.
Total Miles: 12

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  1. I like the picture of the reflective tyres. I see people riding around in the dark with no lights, no reflective clothing, it beggars belief.


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