Saturday, December 30, 2017

2017 Rewind

Winter in Vermont can often provide a bike rider with snow-free bike paths.

What strikes me the most about 2017 is I added, quite unexpectedly, two more bicycles into my life, but of course January didn't start that way...

The year began with frequent snow-free winter bike commutes, punctuated by blasts of extreme weather, including hail in mid May plus I embraced a longer, cleansing ride in sunny, cold weather.

racktime topit

In the spring I added a front rack to Miss Clementine and later a specialized handle bar bag to complete her set up as a tour ready companion.

coffeeneuring, day, and overnight bike adventures

In the summer I went on an annual slow-roll with Adele in Canada, and also made a concerted effort to re-connect with an old friend, Paula, (who I'd forgotten liked to ride) plus made a new friend, Carmen, that led to a women-only overnight to Grand Isle State Park.  Carmen also joined me for a coffeeneuring outing and we regularly see each other at Queen City Bicycle Club rides. My husband and I also got out more, riding with Paula, an overnight in Canada, and exploring Groton State Forest, plus he accompanied me on several coffeeneuring trips. Now that our children are becoming responsible young adults, I love it when we can plan mini adventures or head out on a moments notice.

Dahon folder, step through Peugeot

I welcomed two bikes into my life this year: a white Peugeot St. Laurent as a replacement commuter bike and a Dahon Boardwalk 6-speed, both Craigslist finds, both stumbled upon with endless searching. I'd looked for years for a larger framed steel step-through, and coincidentally I located an inexpensive brand-named folding bike, something I've always wanted to try. In November, I also, excitedly, re-purposed my Trek Antelope into a dedicated winter commuter. 

Peugeot commuter bike near Le Champlain

Bike overnights hold the power to rejuvenate me like nothing else short of a week-long vacation. This year I discovered the beauty of lone nights at our family's nearby lakefront cottage during September and October. 5 miles from home and 7 miles from my workplace, I packed food, overnight gear and dress attire and often pedaled the circuit: camp to work along the lake shore path, work to home to resupply and greet family, then back to camp, often arriving after sunset.

After a solo trip hiking Hadrian's Wall Path in early September, that particular bike-less adventure has ignited a spark for future plans. Whether it's US travel or overseas, on foot or wheels, I've vowed to make exploration a more consistent part of my life.

Onward to 2018!


  1. Good luck on the exploration front. I hope you get to do it as much as you like.

  2. I enjoyed following along for another year. Happy new year!

  3. Thanks for some wonderful reading in 2017. Look forward to your 2018 explorations!


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