Thursday, November 16, 2017

Coffeeneuring 2017 - Seventh Cup at the Intervale

It was too chilly to take off my helmet.
For the grand finale of my Coffee Without Walls episodes, my husband and I headed for the Intervale dirt roads and trails along the Winooski River. I've thought of these brew up spots as "episodes" because I need pretty lake or tributary scenery, a comfortable place to sit, and a means to "film" each installment that includes coffee or tea. I've been fortunate that my husband has tagged along on 3 occasions and a friend on another, which has made the "filming" and my role in it relatively easy. Have photographer, will travel!

A peaceful spot. A flock of geese circled overhead. Cows on the opposite shore were hidden among the trees. All this only 2 miles from busy downtown Burlington.

My "photographer" and riding partner.

Despite the barren November landscape, there were reflections in the calm river for pretty landscape
 This time around, I made a perfect if somewhat scalding thermos of coffee.

More of my husband's artsy photography, displaying the beaver action taking place.

Parting thoughts
After two years of using the Lake Champlain water view theme I am considering historical spots for next years challenge. I love cemeteries; we have nearby old woolen mills - there's plenty to keep me occupied and with the ability to discover more about each new venue, well, to me the spirit of coffeeneuring is the exploration that happens. And now that I have a trusty thermos I may periodically ditch the stove routine, especially if it opens up opportunities for interesting spots.

And not to worry. I live near Lake Champlain and it's still my favorite place to ride so I promise to throw in some lake view images en route.

The Place: On the Winooski River banks of the Intervale
Date: Saturday, November 12
Drink: Cafe Bustelo
Observation:  It's getting pretty chilly for coffee without walls outings. I'm happy to be done!
Total Miles: 8 


  1. Congrats on completing this years challenge entirely outdoors! I see you are already thinking of next year, me too maybe a diner theme. Nice to see the Peugeot getting to participate, I would have thought that would be the perfect opportunity for French Press.... ;-)

  2. I love that basket on the back....

    1. It's my coffeeneuring basket - no joke.I leave it packed with stove, pots, table cloth, etc. so it was easy to get out the door.

  3. I recently completed the coffeeneuring challenge too. I used park benches or cafe chairs, and my drink in my own travel mug.

  4. Congrats on completing the challenge. I'm jealous of all your coffee spots.


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