Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Intervale Trail

52 F, overcast

Because of Burlington's relatively small population and access to parks, there are several interesting options for a peaceful one hour ride. The Intervale Bike Trail is one of my favorite starting points - only a mile and a half from home. It begins on a dirt road.

Small vegetable and chicken farms thrive here, all part of the Intervale Center. I recall viewing footage of franctic harvesting during Hurricane Irene, salvaging produce in the wake of the rising flood waters.

It's easy single track for the first two miles.

 At one point it hugs the Winooski River...

...and enters Ethan Allen Homestead land. Hiking is also encouraged here with separate pathways. In the winter all trails are open to cross country skiing.

This bridge crosses a deep creek. In years past this bridge is often under water or is shifted due to the strong current. If it's been wet for prolonged periods, I avoid this trail.

More quiet, comfortable riding.

The bike portion ends at the Homestead and I pedal on a paved path to a bridge.

 Cross the well-made wooden structure.

Climb a short, steep hill and enter Ethan Allen Park. Most trails are paved here, and it's always a beautiful ride for a mile through a hardwood forest.

Then it's a quick hop over to the waterfront bike path.

Two miles later, I arrive home.

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  1. What a great ride! How fortunate you are to have such an amazing path so close to home.


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