Sunday, November 12, 2017

Coffeeneuring 2017 - Sixth Cup at Mayes Landing

I paid homage today to an often overlooked park, Mayes Landing, at the mouth of the Winooski River where it empties into Lake Champlain. Water views, baby, water views!

The lawn space also overlooks the beautiful bike/pedestrian bridge, site of many stops, destinations, and otherwise awesome views looking west toward New York. But, upriver there is a special beauty in enjoying the swiftly moving current as it collects and moves debris, sometimes eddying before sweeping underneath the bridge.

Today's outing included a maiden voyage of my recently renovated Trek Antelope 830 that now sports 2" tires, the first outdoor use of a new Stanley coffee press, and to celebrate another wonderful ride with my husband.

The stove fuel was running low, even with my husband's panniers shielding the wind. I made the mistake of premixing coffee grounds, milk, and a squirt of chocolate syrup which had jostled on the ride, and then was difficult to press, though I eventually was able to enjoy a lukewarm mocha. I am impressed with the Stanley thermos: It seems to be well-made (I previously experimented with it at home), and can double as a regular thermos by leaving out the plunger/press apparatus. The width does not fit in my water bottle cage as suggested by a Facebook coffeeneur. Nonetheless, I'm glad I bought it because it makes excellent coffee and will fit in my commuter bike's basket.

My husband got a little artsy with the camera. Where's Annie?

There she is!
I'm happy to report I am in love all over again with my Trek.

The Place:
Mayes Landing

Date: Saturday, November 4
Drink: Cafe Bustelo & Hersheys Syrup for a mocha
Observation:  Surprisingly, autumn colors are still vibrant along the waterfront bike path.
Total Miles: 15 


  1. Wonder what bottle cage that FB person was using? The type of cage can make a difference.

  2. "I'm happy to report I am in love all over again with my Trek." Love that comment! I felt the same, when after buying an aluminium FX model Trek in 2014, I sold it not long after and went back to my Old Lady Trek, and still, of course, love riding her.

    Lovely pics - I like that bridge.

  3. the winter bike is looking good! Stanley makes good stuff, when I worked at REI they had a flask I had my eye on but never bought.


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