Thursday, November 9, 2017

Freedom is a Down Coat

With frosty mornings now common I've been using my new down parka for instant warmth. Not usually one for bicycle-centric garments, I picked up this discounted jacket at a Louis Garneau outlet to replace a drafty 20 year old black, puffy, down sweater. I love the long sleeves with thumb-hole cuffs, longer jacket length, fuzzy pockets, high collar, bright red color, and most especially, the roomier cut. There are drawstrings inside the pockets to cinch to prevent drafts. After a mild October, temperatures now plummet to 30F or less at night so morning commutes are somewhere between Autumn and Winter Riding. I find the jacket less confining, thus with freedom of movement, it's easier to get out the door!


  1. Nice looking jacket! I'm beginning to look for something like that. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Most of my clothes come from charity shops, but I must admit that occasionally I splash out on some special item for cycling. One of these was my Primaloft filled jacket, made by a UK company called Vulpine, who went bust but someone else has taken them over. I wouldn't be without it in the winter, even though our winters are not like yours. I'm wearing it in the selfie in my last coffeeneuring post!

    My husband has just bought a Rab jacket, not Primaloft but something similar i.e. very lightweight and very warm - he's worn it paragliding without his flying suit on and he has been warm.

    I think it's well worth coughing up for a good winter jacket.


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