Sunday, January 7, 2018

Going Bikeless Crazy 2

taking advantage of fat bike demo day at Catamount
Early December, I attended a fat bike demo event with our youngest son.

As I wrote the title of this blog post I knew it sounded familiar and discovered I'd previously had a similar experience during a bout of rain. Winter, so far, has been difficult for me as I imagine it has been also tough for other northern dwellers who crave outdoor activity. Regular precipitation, ice, and arctic-like temperatures means roads are snowy, too scary to ride a bike, and too cold to be on skinny skis.

On the positive side, I am riding the bus more because, despite the cold, I force myself to walk the mile each way to the transit center.

I've had ample time to research one adventure for 2018, and because it also appeals to my eldest son he wants to accompany me!

I have a couple sewing projects on the agenda, plus I picked up a small duffel bag that can easily be strapped onto a bike rack.

When all else fails, I do yoga.

The growing daylight is also taking the edge off. And the promise of milder temperatures, starting tomorrow, is the brightest star on the horizon.

What do you do when extreme weather prevents you from being outside?


  1. I know you have been having some REALLY extreme weather over there - we too have had two bouts of snow which was quite unusual for the time of year. For me it's the long evenings that get to me - it's as if the day is cut short by a third compared to mid-summer. In the long light days I don't mind so much if jobs don't allow me to get out much in the day as there's still hours of light in the evening to walk or ride. At this time of year I start to look at the clock in early evening and watch for when I can say "It's still light at 5!" and then "It's light at 4.55!" and 4.50 and 4.45.....

    One comment on your helmet and what you have on underneath - I can't say for sure but I would guess that it could be that wearing thick layers under your helmet will mean that in the event of a fall you wouldn't be protected properly - the helmet might slip. Similar to how babies/children are not supposed to wear their coats in car seats.

    1. I an tell that the days are growing longer by increments. It is a welcome sight!

      You are very observant, Lizzie. It's my normal practice to wear only my balaclava, but in my excitement I discovered somewhere on the trail that my hood was also crammed beneath my helmet. It's no wonder the helmet felt tight!

  2. The recent blizzard kept me inside during the storm. I curled up on the couch with my laptop and binged a whole lot of videos online, with a steaming cup of cocoa by my side. Otherwise, the weather hasn't kept me inside very much; I've been biking daily all through the snow and frigid weather.

  3. Pray for (or whine until) better weather! :) But seriously, it is challenging to be outside when the weather becomes brutally harsh. Last winter and this winter have been unusually (at least thus far) absent of huge amounts of snow, which means the ice is minimal on the roads making it fairly easy to go about a somewhat normal routine of outdoor activities. It's still cold most days, but something about lacking the ice on the ground seems to make it easier. When we do have the winters similar to what you in the northeast are experiencing, I find the gym becomes my best friend. Even though I'd rather be outside, at least being able to do something active helps get me through. What really kills me is when it's late April into mid-may and we're still having snow and ice to deal with... then, I really start losing my mind. :)

  4. Here in Melbourne it's extreme heat that keeps me inside. When it gets over 38C I think long and hard about cycling. The sun is brutal and the air is very dry. Cycling is ill advised.

  5. Our weather has been very cycle unfriendly too and made worse by a passing bug so you have my sympathy. I hope that you get some good cycling weather soon.

    1. I'm generally torn about wishing for drier weather during the winter. I love to bike ride but also enjoy cross country skiing. Skiing isn't something I can do during the summer!


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