Friday, September 8, 2017

Riding with Paula to Kamp Kill Kare State Park

I reconnected with Paula (an old friend from long ago book group) just before we set off on a wonderful overnight ride earlier this summer. With that success we kept in contact, and after running into her once again at Terry's tent sale (great minds think alike), we set up a time to meet, and start a ride from her country home 30 miles north of Burlington.

I invited my husband along, who's always looking for new places to ride. I didn't know it at the time but Paula and I had bought the same style of Terry saddle. Hers was the leather and white version, which was rather becoming on her blue Trek 520 touring bike. (sorry, no pictures)

Paula took us on paved country roads, eventually descending to Saint Albans Bay, a region my husband and I are somewhat familiar with, having ridden around the lake in recent years. The day was perfect: a light breeze and warming temperatures, and spectacular lake vistas.

But I'd never pedaled completely around the bay, which we did together, climbing rolling hills, coasting down the other side to delightful snippets of kayakers, people gardening, views of tiny islands, all the while taking in bayside cottages and farmsteads among mature oak and maple trees. I was pleased with my new saddle, Paula also.

We stopped at Kill Kare State Park, surrounded by three sides of Lake Champlain (weird I know, but that's what the website says) on the grounds of an old boys camp. The house still stands, turned into offices, a visitor's center, and bathrooms. A delightful respite on sweeping lawns in the shade and we returned on the same road until looping back on another hill to Paula's place for a total of 20 miles. My Clementine and I climbed efficiently, keeping up with my husband - I still marvel at her low gears - and now with a proper saddle I feel confident she'll handle loaded ascents with ease.

On the ride back I schemed with Paula about doing an overnight from her house, staying at Lake Carmi, a park she hasn't visited. If our luck holds we'll squeeze in this adventure before the snow flies and/or the state park closes. It's a slim window, due mostly to my September vacation, but who knows? If we're lucky the ride might occur on her birthday and during foliage season. Fingers crossed!


  1. Sounds pretty perfect! An overnight is something I've been wanting to do; I probably won't manage it this year, but I hope you do!

  2. Replies
    1. Snow flurries often happen in October, but doesn't stick until November or December.


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