Monday, November 15, 2010

Classic Miyata 610 Touring Bike

I've fallen in love with an old friend again. It's my beautiful blue Miyata 610 touring bicycle. I'd almost lost her too. She sat dusty, only ridden a handful of times in the last 20 years, stored away in the basement, then the garage, then almost given away to a friend. But the bike held so many memories: I researched and bought it with my own  money in 1983 and  rode it  across the country with  my boyfriend (now husband) putting on 6,000 miles. I put it way for a while, entering the early mountain bike craze and then saw no reason to go back to the bent over position of the Miyata's handlebars.

Fortunately, I couldn't part with it either.

This past spring I updated the handlebars with Nashbar's mustache version, allowing multiple hand positions for long rides. I mull over things—sometimes for years—before making purchases. I guess it's the Vermonter in me. Since seeing these bars in England 15 years ago I knew that someday I'd like to try them. And since I'm cheap too, I had to figure a way to use it on an existing bike.

So here she is, making me smile, and we are burning up the miles together. She was my primary commuter this year on my 22 mile round trip ride to work in Vermont's countryside. We saw the foliage together. It's a pleasure to experience how comfortable a bike she still is after 27 years.

I get compliments too. She's in good shape—a real classic beauty.

I'm now looking for a simple low cost front rack, and not the low rider variety. Just a simple silver platform to hold a tent or sleeping bag, just enough to offset the weight of the rear panniers.

Here's to you my blue Miyata... We'll soon be touring together again.

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  1. I too bought a 610 in 83 with money I made from babysitting. I have never been able to part with it. Now I am looking to get it back out. Thank you for you post, it gave me the extra kick I needed. Happy riding!


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