Friday, November 19, 2010

Chilly this Morning

It was nippy this morning, about 32 degrees Fahrenheit with a chilly north wind. Big fat snow flakes swirled around us. You know winter is on it's way when the north wind blows out of Canada. My youngest boy went with me on his in-line skates (he loves being outdoors) and had the pinkest cheeks when we arrived at his school. I pedaled on and soon arrived at the water's edge and caught the steam rising off the lake. The lake temperature is still warmer than the air.

But as I extend my riding season my feet are achingly cold. Such was the case this morning after only going two miles. I warmed up with a mocha latte and fortunately found an inexpensive pair of boots. I rode home in them and my tootsies are soooo happy!

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