Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Stylin' Bag

I like to add a little style to my ride, whether it's wearing a skirt over my tights or with a wicker front basket decorated with flowers. My newest addition is a sturdy double nylon carrying bag with leather handles that I found at the Salvation Army. I sewed in button holes and used two skinny belts (also recycled) to hold the bag to the handlebars. I look out for discounted or repurposed plastic flowers and, when necessary, replace the flower decoration. The tote can also be hooked to the back rack. Total cost = $5.00

Sew button holes to hold in the leather straps.

This tote came with a loop to attach
 a flower, but you could add your
 own button hole to serve the same purpose.

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  1. Totally love the repurposed bag, Annie! Your description and excellent picture make it easy to adapt your idea. Thank you. These days I do more with bags than I do with bikes, but you never know...


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