Thursday, May 23, 2024

Musings on Solitary Bike Rides

I have often wondered what motivates other solitary riders to keep a regular regimen. Do they ride the same loop, day after day? Or do they not ride unless with a friend, partner, or group? 

I ride frequently - and now that it's warm - motivated by sunsets, maple creemees, sprucing up a cemetery plot, or picking up an easy dinner for a relaxing meal on a beach. Full moon nights are celebratory too. Of course, it's much easier when the weather is nice. And, I finally feel safe to eat at outdoor restaurants, pubs, and aim to explore new places again. There's a new-to-me urban trail that will be fun to explore...and hopefully a bike overnight with family soon. 

I have companions, but that requires planning, and unfortunately, I'm frustrated with their slower pace - not that I'm a speed demon  - but I need to clear the home office cobwebs. I plan to attend a few group rides too - enough to keep the solitary outings from growing old. 

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  1. I always ride by myself if I am not keeping company with Mrs Tootlepedal. I don't like riding with others on our narrow roads as it means that I have to concentrate all my thoughts on not banging into them and avoiding any other traffic. And of course, you can't stop to take pictures if you are riding with others and that is a lot of the pleasure in my outings. On my longer rides, I enjoying exploring my thoughts. I used to ride with a friend. We fell off quite frequently.


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