Monday, February 12, 2024

Ideas for 2024

2024 plans should rock, another year filled with travel, cycling, and visits with family. 

  • I'm recovering from an accident - breaking ribs (falling down stairs - ugh) - but I'm confident I'll be healed in time for a mid-March excursion to the Philly Bike Expo, and if the weather is agreeable, riding on Philly's trail system. 3 weeks out, I'm feeling much better, walking a bit, riding on an indoor trainer, and lately taking it easy on a nearby rail trail on my Dahon. It feels like spring in Vermont so that's aided my recovery, allowing some fresh air. 
  • In the meantime, I'm creating a stem bag and an under rack pouch on Jack the Bike Rack, moved from Miss Rachel to the Specialized Hard Rock where it fits better. The pouch will allow extra storage for smaller items like my sleeping pad and liner, without risk of items accidentally coming loose on rougher rail trails (it happened on the Erie Canal adventure) while my sleeping quilt is secured on top.
  • I continue to dabble with Gouache painting, exploring techniques. I love bright colors and this medium lends itself well with bold, opaque paint. I'll post images on Instagram: @annie.bikes
  • The Bassi Rachel will get a Soma front rack. The Jack the Bike Rack wasn't an ideal companion - sat too high, obstructing vision - so I'm opting for a double rack and panniers setup on this gem. I'll add fenders to the Hard Rock to finish off its capabilities as a touring machine. 
  • Touring ideas (take two) include a loop connecting the Cross Vermont Trail and the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail, doable from home! Both trails sustained significant damage from 2023 floodwaters but should be in good shape this year - fingers crossed. It's an opportunity to ride varied terrain, crossing the width of Vermont twice. I plan to load up the Hard Rock and see how it handles its inaugural tour, likely in September.
  • Additional vacation plans. In June I'll visit our eldest son in Colorado. He and his girlfriend will show me Fort Collins's bike trail network. 

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