Friday, May 28, 2021

The Simplest, Easiest Bike Overnight

The Peugeot Saint Laurent, my commuter bike, is perfect for a quick bike overnight.

We are lucky to live a two-mile ride from - along a stellar lakefront rail trail, no less - our cozy camp on Lake Champlain. It's a spot that holds family memories, the best place to relax on breezy summer days, accompanied with refreshing lake dips. There's nothing better than sipping a cold drink while relaxing in cushioned deck chairs, then later on, marveling at beautiful sunsets - in short, the camp and its view are a treasure!

I have mentioned staying at camp in the autumn, and a fun family ride for a coffeeneuring outing, plus errands - all when we lived 6 miles away, through a maze of tight neighborhoods, near a busy university and hospital. Fast forward to 2020, relocating closer to the lake, getting settled, then enduring a record-breaking hot summer. I lost interest in visiting this family residence. Looking back, it was a period of major transition, and our perceptive youngest son said something that hit home: camp for him meant hanging out with friends and family, not encouraged in 2020. Certainly, a rollercoaster year we'd all like to put behind us.

In 2021, vaccines are making family events look promising. I have renewed interest in this amazing spot, even though we reside near water. It's been by far, best to eat dinner at home, pack a few necessities in panniers, then pedal 20 minutes to camp. We eat breakfast with a view of the lake, then return to work from home. I have packing down to a science, filling two small panniers. I schlep all belongings back and forth, lending freedom based on weather or mood.

I can't think of an easier bike overnight, and yet so worth it!

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Ideas for 2021

Dahon Boardwalk, a simple and beautiful folder.

As some routines start to resort back to normal, I'm starting to think about travel. I know it will be different, of course, but welcome in whatever capacity!

I need a proper vacation in 2021 - specifically, out of state. To that end, my goal will be to practice bike camping locally on the Dahon - flatter terrain is essential with limited gears - with the long-term goal of a multiday excursion later in 2021, heading to the Atlantic Coast. Is it possible to carry enough gear on a folder without affecting steering, etc. or should I forego the camping and/or cooking part? Either way, local experience is key before setting out on longer adventures.

I have reservations with, well, reservations! Understandably, there's pent up demand with increased pressure on campgrounds, motels, etc. all of which makes me unwilling to commit to travel plans months in advance of when Amtrak is supposed to resume service in our region. I'm worried that travel anxiety will nix my out of state quest in favor of in-state adventures. Even local parks are seeing spots fill up months in advance. 2021 travel is complicated! I may reserve a few days at a NY campground, in hopes the other plans will follow, and if that doesn't work out then hopefully I'll be able to cancel reservations.

I'm starting to access camping equipment, rack setups - something that was the furthest from my mind a year ago - so perhaps all is not lost.

Baby steps, 2021. Baby steps...