Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Coffeeneuring 2018 - Fifth Cup on the Camp Deck

We made the most of a rare November sunny weekend day, packing in coffeeneuring, exercise, quality family time, test riding the Rad Mini, and moving boats off the beach at camp.

Youngest son isn't content to stay on trail, and explores bumps and jumps.
What a glorious day! We headed through the Intervale dirt roads and trails, eventually climbing out on paved pathway to arrive on the waterfront about 7 miles later.

I split time between riding my son's quite comfortable Peugeot (diamond frame counterpart to my step through commuter) and the borrowed Rad Mini. At camp I sip coffee from a thermos on the deck, then help move kayaks and canoes off the beach.

As we headed south towards downtown, our eldest son was fading and we stopped at Dunkin Donuts so he could spend his gift card. I stood outside in the sun and watched the bikes; out of the wind the warmth was incredible. I realized how much I missed the sun as it's been pretty grey and rainy for the last two weeks.

The History: My husband's family has lived at the seasonal campers' community on Lake Champlain since the 1920s, his grandmother living in a camp just down the road. The current green cottage was also built in the 1920s, with renovations over the years, including a solid L-shaped deck that spans two sides.  

The Place: Starr Farm Beach
Date: Sunday, November 4
Drink: Cafe Bustelo in a thermos
Observation:  The summer camp is my favorite place in Burlington. We stay many weekends through the summer months, and I often stay during the week because the nearby waterfront trail provides easy access to downtown and a couple miles further to my workplace.
Total Miles: 15

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