Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Panaracer Pasela Tires

It's not often that I sing the praises of tires, but I'm smitten with Panaracer Paselas. They provide a smooth, shock absorbing ride on the Peugeot UO 14 and now that I've tested the 2" variety on the Ross for several weeks, I'm sold. I rolled on lower pressure in early commuting days, gingerly testing snow covered bike paths, then pumped full 65 psi once weather improved. I feel grounded, for want of a better term, yet the ride is nimble—not like the 1.25" gracing the Peugeot, of course—yet lively enough for wide tires.

Tread pattern is another key, providing grip on asphalt, especially on narrower tires. But, as much as I like traction on dirt trails, for example when I roll through the Intervale, I'm less enamored with the narrow gaps in the 2" tread when rolling on gravel and salt encrusted city paths and streets. The tire picks up pebbles like you wouldn't believe! Whatever debris goes in, is stuck there. However, I roll well and the tires are primarily quiet, even with embedded grit. I suppose only long term use will tell whether this will be a major problem down the road.


  1. My husband is a fan of the Panaracer Paselas! We both find them to be a good value was well as a reliable tire for commuting as well as brevet distances.

  2. I have purchased several sets of Paselas for vintage bikes that I have fixed up for friends. My wife's Raleigh Sprite rolls on a set of 32s (I changed the wheel size from 27 to 700c a few years ago.) My fixie has a pair of 28s. The Paselas roll very well, and their tan sidewalls look good on vintage steel bikes.

    1. The tan side walls were a big attraction. That and the fact that many bloggers had recommended the brand. Good to hear you love the Paselas too.

  3. I echo the praises of the Panaracer Paselas I too love them and think they are some of the best bang for the buck tires out there. And of course the tan side walls lend that classic look to your ride.


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