Saturday, April 25, 2015

Ice Out! Good Riding Times Ahead

Spring is slow to reveal itself this year. One week of 60F temperatures teases, then another week of snow flurries and highs of 50F brings us back to reality. But hyacinths are blooming, daffodils are emerging, and the grass is slowly turning green.

I've kept my eye on the lakeshore too. High winds broke up the lake ice about two weeks ago, then beautiful cup-like ice structures hugged the shoreline. Now, the water is clear, turning multiple shades of blue.

The waterfront path is full of runners, walkers, and people of all ages, enjoying what Spring has chosen to provide. And as the Canadian geese are squawking overhead, we take what nature has to give, when she's ready. I'm thankful for blue scilla peeking above the ground, for sunshine, water views, and one day at a time, as Spring unfolds.

Good riding times ahead.

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  1. Wishing you lots of good riding times this year Annie.... Enjoy!


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