Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Riding in a Dress Saves Time for Other Things

I wound a hair tie around dress bottom for a worry-free, grease-free ride.
I discovered a way to wear a dress at work with minimal changing time* (switch to lightweight tights in office bathroom then slip into shoes stored in my cubicle), particularly helpful in the afternoon when I was pressed for time to get to a meeting directly after work. Transitioning to bike attire was simple, taking a mere 10 minutes from computer shutdown to pedaling away from the office. This planning tip allowed me to leave the car at home and add one more bike commute to my work week. Win, win all around!

*There are blogs devoted to stylish biking so I'm not an authority on this subject. And while I don't usually wear a dress to work, this particular instance saved me from driving a car.

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