Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Hauling Car Parts, Oh the Irony!

The beauty of transportation cycling is two-fold: ride to work plus have the ability to do errands on the way home. It's not unusual for me to stop for a gallon of milk, pet supplies, a birthday card, bottle of wine, and chocolate—heaven forbid I run out of chocolate—but not necessarily all in the same trip. However, I'm amazed at what I can haul home with the help of a long bungee cord, which has become a permanent fixture on my rear rack (and if I can coordinate bungee color with bicycle, all the better!).

Recently, I stuffed a bag of pet hay inside my floral pannier, then because both of our cars desperately needed replacement wiper blades, I decided to buy those also (the auto parts store is next to the pet store). I believe it's the first time I hauled a car part on my bicycle, and of course, the irony wasn't lost on me.

Have you ever lugged auto parts on a bicycle?


  1. Not that I can recall. Not too long ago I contemplated riding to get a new car battery. It was 10 miles round trip to the auto store on 45mph roads. I'd be carrying a battery both ways. Decided it was just too heavy and dangerous and opted to find a ride by car instead. Since then a auto parts store has opened in my town just a little over a mile away. I too try to always have bungee cords with my racks and baskets even if I've got a bag or panniers on.

  2. Yeah..I've collected small car parts on my bike in the past......The irony wasn't lost on me either!!

  3. I have only hauled car keys so far....hehe.

  4. Yes. I used my bike to get an alternator for my Volkswagen.

  5. Sorry, I'm a bit late to this post, but I've just discovered your blog a week ago and I'm going through the archives. I've hauled quite a few car parts home by bike. I've brought home enough oil and filters to do changes on both cars, and later, hauled the used oil for recycling at a nearby quick-change shop. I've carried probably 10 gallons total of windshield washer fluid home, other large bottles of fluids, filters of all types, paint, windshield wipers, snow brushes, any many small-ish parts and tools. I can almost taste the irony when I park the bike in front of the local parts store or car dealership!


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