Sunday, October 12, 2014

Just-Right Bell Handlebar Bag

This bag fits my Trek perfectly. Best of all, the fabric does not scrape the frame, unlike a wedge bag that used to dominate the bar in the Trek's early years. You can see how the paint was worn down to metal.
I'd been on the lookout for a simple, versatile handlebar bag, one I hoped to swap between several bicycles. Something to hold a camera, wallet, keys, and a snack. For a while I thought I'd create my own upcycled bike bag, but the supply of second hand purses was either too large or too small.

Then I came across a Bell brand pouch with easy hook and loop attachment whose style reminds me of a camera bag. Only 13.00. Perfect.

In fact, the bag was quite useful on Hazen's Notch/ Lake Carmi Overnight. In addition to above items I also carried a phone, pen, and a map. Not bad capacity for a mini bag - and all without sagging.

Long hook and loop straps allow versatile attachment to most any bicycle.
The new bag also fits the mustache bars on my Miyata. I now have easy access to my camera while commuting to/from work, especially ideal for burgeoning fall foliage. The nearly flat top also acts as platform for a headlight. I'm pushing sunset on October rides home.

The zipper pull is a cute, oval-shaped mirror - I noticed this feature long into day one of the overnight ride. The only downside: I wish the bag included a two-way zipper, which could be opened with either hand or allow an item to stick out, if necessary. However, it's a minor quibble. I'm tickled to have found this sweet, functional handlebar bag.

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