Friday, October 10, 2014

Coffeeneuring 2014 - First Cup

Chai tea accompanied by chicken salad on a sesame bagel. Prime seating
 to watch over my unlocked bicycle.
I prefer mixing Coffeeneuring jaunts with errands to maximize time on my days off from work. Because I live in a medium sized community, coffee shops are abundant—several are within a 5 mile radius, easily accessible on two wheels. So, my focus for Coffeeneuring 2014 will be on patronizing new (to me) coffee shops or eating establishments that serve hot drinks.

I discovered I'd forgotten my lock at my first errand destination: Barnes & Noble. With a little ingenuity, I fastened my helmet around rack and frame because the bike would be out of my sight for 15 minutes. I also wound a bungee cord like a spiderweb between front wheel frame and rack. I feel confident with makeshift security in a pinch. My bikes are old and while they are of personal value they are not prized by thieves.

Bike thieves don't lurk in parking lots.
After another stop to pick up a quart of paint, I treated myself to lunch at The Bagel Place. This place opened a year ago. There's a plethora of bagel joints in the Queen city area, one pretty much similar to another. I couldn't easily find a bike rack, railing, nor sandwich board to which I could affix my bicycle. The only option was to attach my bike to a utility pole out of sight, but for obvious reasons I did not. The best solution: clip my helmet to frame and front wheel, right in plain sight of the shop's windows. 

I was looking forward to a latte or mocha, however bagels and sandwiches are the primary attraction, with several kinds of cream cheese listed on the chalkboard menu. No espresso machine on the premises. Coffee is offered in pump pots. I opted for Chai, brought to me in a paper cup with tea bag. To The Bagel Place's credit, they offer Uncommon Grounds coffee and Vermont Artisans Teas, both local and much loved entrepreneurs. The chicken salad tasted fresh, made chunky style. The ambiance was pretty basic, much like the bagels, but I basked in front of the large windows which allowed ample natural light. I observed vehicles come and go, and of course, watched protectively over my bike.

Just the facts:
The Place: The Bagel Place, South Burlington
Date: Monday, October 6
Drink: Chai
Observation, Bike Friendliness: I can still coffeeneur, even if I've forgotten to bring a lock. Strip malls are auto-centric and often do not accommodate bike racks in convenient, highly visible locations.
Total Miles: 3

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  1. I really like the idea of Coffeeneuring but with my favorite coffee shop literally right next door to me its not something I have taken up yet. Sounds fun though -biking, coffee, pastries..whats not to like?


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