Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Kudos to Pittsburgh's Bicycle Community

A screen capture of Bike Pittsburgh's website.
Every once in a while I stumble onto what I like to call Online Heaven: a site that's masterful in its wealth of information, easily navigable, and overwhelming in response. I found everything I needed (and then some) to help navigate downtown Pittsburgh by bike, including bus information, hotel suggestions, and directions for a city tour—all directly from the cycling community. I  value this feedback more than from any chamber of commerce.

Bike Pittsburgh has the best bicycle map! You can access it online, complete with interactive routes, print it, or even order a waterproof version.

I have nothing but praise for their Message Board. I posted, hoping to locate information regarding navigating a big city that I was clueless about. Within 1 hour there were 10 responses, including a personal invitation to lead our group through rough spots. It didn't stop there. The messages poured in. In two days, I made a hotel reservation.

It's clear Pittsburgh cyclers are passionate. And thanks to them, I've come away from this experience, confident that we'll start our tour smartly plus spend time exploring this city on three rivers.

Have you ever stumbled across a bicycle community that's blown your bike shoes off?

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