Thursday, June 20, 2013

Do You Wear Your Helmet Inside a Store?

Completing errands by bike is the perfect way to go. Pull up near the front door of any establiment, lock the bike to a pole or—if you're lucky—a bike rack. If I'm away from the bike for five minutes or less, no sense removing the helmet. As for bike gloves, well, let's just say they're like a second skin.

What are your rules for bike attire?


  1. Like you my helmet tends to stay put for shorter stops, though the strap always get unbuckled when I step off the bike. Don't like keeping sweaty gloves on, however, so they tend to come off right away.

  2. This post kinda coincides with my Fashion Friday post

    I don't always wear my helmet (I have no reasonable explanation for that) but when I do I've never worn it inside. I sometimes want to so maybe people will understand why I'm drenched in sweat. If I do wear a helmet I've generally got a ball cap with me to cover up my helmet hair when off the bike.

    That's a great photo btw.

  3. I have to confess that I leave mine in for short errands too. I think it is a dorky look but makes it more convenient for me. Vicki


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