Friday, July 20, 2012

Did You Know...about the Power of Dish Soap?

I know, it sounds pretty silly, talking about soap bubbles on a bike blog. But did you know that simple dish liquid does wonders on grease filled hands? I've never bought fancy products for this dirty job. The trick is to work the soap directly into your hands. Don't bother with water as this dilutes the effectiveness. Rub for a while, then simply wipe it off on a paper towel (or rag that you will dispose). It's amazing. Nearly all the grease is gone.

I forgot to wipe my pinky on the towel or that would be visibly cleaner.
My husband and I substituted shampoo while touring. Hair soap does double duty as body cleaner and bike maintenance cleanser! Soap up, rub hands in the grass, and then rinse with water from our bottles. All clean. Smelling like roses or Dove or Suave—whatever your preference.


  1. If you're out on the road,I've found sunscreen does the trick. Perfect for chain grease.



    1. Thanks for this tip. It seems like I always carry sunscreen on day rides.

  2. I use the same with a little rub from a green nylon scourer. Fresh and clean! Haven't tried shampoo, so, have ear-marked the tip.

  3. I started wearing nitrile gloves more often when working with the greasy stuff, to keep it off my hands. The gloves aren't always handy, though, this is a good tip!

  4. My Wife is always on to me for washing my hands in the kitchen sink but that's where the Dawn soap is. I'll use it straight, scrub and then rinse off. Probably should carry a small bit of it on a ride as I always seem to get chain oil on my leg.

  5. I use Dawn. For just about everything from washing off bike grease to cleaning sheep fleeces to hand washing clothes! :)


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