Thursday, July 19, 2012

Darren's Bridgestone MB-2

It seems there's a lot of Bridgestone Love floating around. Because of my husband's MB-2 readers felt the need to share their own acquisitions. And because I appreciate Bridgestone's too, it's worth passing it forward. What can I say—I'm smitten alsoI contemplated looking at a purple women's step through and was disappointed the frame was too small.

This beauty is Darren's current restoration, a 1994 MB-2. What a beautiful blue! It amazes me how these older frames retain their vibrant color and are often found in pristine condition.

Thank you, Darren.


  1. NICE! :D

    The Disabled Cyclist

  2. Great looking bike! I just bought a 1994 MB-2 from an auction. It's in rough shape but I'm looking forward to restoring it to its former glory with a few possible updates. The problem is that it did not come with a seat. I've read some sites (Sheldon Brown's) that state the seat post size is 29.4mm while others (the online manual) state it's a 27.0mm. My measurement is closer to a 29.4 but I was curious what measurement you found. Thanks,



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