Sunday, July 22, 2012

Alternative Bike Route

A new set of signs recently cropped up along one of Burlington's north/south corridors. This is a busy 4 lane thoroughfare filled with housing, shopping center, gas stations, high school - just the type of roadway you want to avoid while riding a bike. There are no designated bike lanes, though the ubiquitous "share the road" signs line the asphalt. Unfortunately, it's become almost a joke in the bike community to ride this highway during rush hour. The brave souls that dare ride, probably "take the lane" otherwise it's a dangerous squeeze play between car, bike, and curb.

To my surprise and delight, there are now several of these little green signs, directing cyclers to the safe waterfront path. Since the trail moves in a likewise north/south route, it's a perfect alternative for resident and tourist. And what's more, it helps out of town travelers who find themselves stranded on this unwieldy roadway, allowing a better option. I have personally redirected many lost souls over the past five years.

The waterfront trail is the grey line about halfway down the photo.
It frequently crosses neighborhood streets
One day I followed a sign to it's confluence with the waterfront trail. And sure enough, it gives explicit detail for further exploration. Little by little the cycling community is growing and these particular connections are increasingly important.


  1. It's always lovely just to see our existence acknowledged, let alone get a pointer to a pleasant alternate route :-)

  2. I love riding along our river on an early morning but unfortunately it's not signed very well so most people don't know it is there. Well done to your local authority.
    Brenda in the Boro UK


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