Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bag of Whimsy, Upcycled Messenger Bag

I have a fetish for bags. Especially those that double as a handlebar bag. I didn't need another one, but I'd always wanted this particular style. It's a well-made name brand (guess which one?), used and on consignment—for only 7.00. So I put it back on the rack, right up front, hoping someone else would buy it. I went home, thought about it, and returned the following day. Maybe it was meant to be.

I'm tired of black so to give it some pizzazz I found a package of assorted felted buttons. Do you know how hard it is to locate a pre-embroidered bike emblem? There were lots of frogs, letters, blocks—all geared toward children. I settled for flowers. I wanted just a splash of color and decided to only use pink. I hand-sewed a large flower over the logo and placed a tiny one on the strap.

My pink magnifying glasses go rather well too.
On the back I cut off a logo tag and strategically positioned another small flower. And that's it for the new look.

Despite the exterior color, The inside pattern is fabulous. Below is the flap pocket.
Red strap has a clip for keys.
There is a zippered main compartment with more sectional interior pockets. And the bottom unzips for a wider extension. I'm impressed with the design.

I customized the bag with hook and loop straps (Velcro-like) just like the Eastsport. (Note the loops added between the grey edging.) I enjoy re-purposing a stylish pack into a usable bike bag.

The bag attaches to a back rack (with shoulder strap tucked away)...

or to handlebars.

Or sling it over your shoulder for every day use. I envision this as my traveling bag for when I go on our adventure in August, but only because it's more fashionable. The Eastsport would suffice too, but why go for blasé when this new model would rock with my pink fleece hoody?


  1. Nicely done and great score/save! :) Is it a Chrome? I must apologise,I don't know too many messenger-style bag makers (embarrassed smilie inserted here,as I'm a bag junkie,myself :) )

    The DC

  2. Nice bag! It will be a nice non-bikey carry-all for your tour.

  3. Very nice, a great find and makeover.

  4. For those interested, it's a Timbuktu satchel.


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