Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Mother's Day Find

My husband and I set off for a Mother's Day morning ride. We have a neighbor that often puts free stuff on his front lawn. Immediately my eye was drawn to this bike rack. While it can only hold three bikes, it will go a long way toward organizing the garage. I also like it's portability.

I received flowers, chocolate, and yummy Black Magic Blend coffee for Mother's Day, all from my awesome husband. Each of which is a welcome pleasure. I didn't get anything bikey—not that I'm complaining. To find this rack was serendipitous. (We bike lovers are easily amused.) After hefting it homeward we continued the ride.

Later, I added the flower. Betch 'ya can't guess which slot is for the girly bike?


  1. Um....the left one? :p
    Very nice score,my friend,very nice! Hope your Ma's Day was one so grand you'll never forget :)

    The Disabled Cyclist

  2. Ooooh, that rack is a fabulous find! I tried to buyt such a rack when my kids were growing up and I had a garage and we needed to organise our bikes, but none were to be found. To get it for free and on Mothers Day is a triple bonus!

  3. Thats great, its easier than hanging the bikes on the wall

  4. Nice find. I've often debated on whether I should buy a bike rack for the garage.


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