Friday, May 18, 2012

Going to Camp

Going to my family's camp from our house starts with 1.5 miles of city biking through Burlington's bricky downtown to connect with the waterfront path. Then it's smooth sailing for four miles along the former rail way line. On a Saturday morning the trail brims with all types of travelers. We are lucky to have this world class access to beaches, parks, neighborhoods, and camps along Lake Champlain. Oh, and you couldn't beat the abundant blooming trillium guiding my way.


  1. Very nice! :)

    The DC

  2. Lovely video! what is the music you used?

    1. It's called Falling by Secrets in Stereo. I needed music to cover up my clattering bike and it was the number one choice on YouTube. I'm sure you'll here this song again somewhere. It is nice, isn't it?


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