Sunday, May 20, 2012

Walk & Roll Week

Vermont's area schools celebrated Walk & Roll week in conjunction with Bike to Work week. It's our version to get kids and parents on two wheels for the commute to school.

As added enticement there are healthy treats, a helmet raffle, and reflectors and pencils to give away.

Some of the parent volunteers never took off their helmets. I found it quite amusing, yet brilliant too. It's part of their everyday attire. There are some super moms/dads who bike with 3 kids and bring cakes, class snacks, etc. as part of their daily routine.

Both racks filled up quickly. Though there were more bikes than usual, this is a common sight at my son's elementary school.

Yours truly, talking up the watermelon. One child ate 6 pieces. I helped monitor the table and provided a receptacle for the rinds. I also praised the parents for walking and rolling with their kids.

The children and parents continued riding all week, tracking statistics in classrooms.

As a school they are competing to earn their name on a trophy to be displayed for all to see.

A plucky family rode their cargo bike. One child held the sign while mom negotiated the streets.

I said to one father about how nice it was to see him riding with his daughter. "It  must make Kate pretty happy."

His reply, "Yeah, and it's not that hard for me either. Maybe I'll do this more often."


  1. What a fantastic idea! It's lovely to see families enjoying bicycles together. The whole day sounds like fun and with a bit of luck a few more families might cycle together regularly. Fingers crossed :-)

  2. That's just AWESOME!!! :D

    Nick (my son...daughter doesn't have as much interest) and I had already decided that one day this week (at least ;) ) we were going to ride together to school,and I'll ride out to ride with him home that afternoon-especially with them getting out for Summer vacation this week (Thursday is their last day) :)

    The DC

  3. That looks likea great event! I love your tartan skirt too, I have a thing for tartan and find it very hard to buy tartan skirts. I do have one that I bought as a dress from the markets for next to nothing and I cut it off to make a not very good skirt, and it is the best I could do.


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