Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bicycle Book Corner

Bicycle books come and go in our household. I've read short stories, chronicles of touring cyclists - even touring uni-cyclists. The following is our current selection:

Bicycle Diaries - David Byrne
Off-beat look at cycling, art, and music in many of the world's large cities. Recent review here.

*Miles From Nowhere - Barbara Savage
In my opinion this is the Bible of bicycle touring adventure writing. I have two copies because I feared I'd lost ours (which had an inscription from my then boyfriend, now husband) and when I went to replace it discovered that this book is no longer reprinted in hardcover. With frantic resesarch on dealoz I was able to locate a used copy. Miles From Nowhere inspired our tour across the country and, later, around the world. This says it all.

The Man Who Rode His 10-Speed Bicycle to the MoonBernard Fischman
Fourth book in, purple and green cover. A sweet, lyrical account of a ride through NYC and beyond. Let your imagination run wild. The only fiction tale out of the bunch. I stumbled on this gem in someone's giveaway box of books. My review.

Bicycle Touring InternationalKameel Nasr
A guide to world-wide cycle touring, including invaluable facts such as prevailing wind direction, monsoon season, customs, and idiosyncrasies of individual countries - all very helpful when planning an extended tour.

Rails-to-Trails - New England Edition
Compilation of Northeast rail trails published by Rails-to Trails organisation. I've been a longstanding member of this fantastic group that converts rail right-of-ways into linear parks.. On my bucket list: to complete the C&O and GAP rail trails.

Bicycle Love - Various Authors
I love the graphical illustration on the cover, leading one to believe it's a bicycle comic, though it's not. Written by various authors, young and old, and why each loves their particular mode of  two-wheeled transit. The hub gave me the book a few birthdays ago.

The Lost Cyclist - David Herlihy
An account of two around the world cyclists in the 1800s and the interesting circumstances each encounters. Riding ordinaries and safety bicycles, it's a time when the bicycle was celebrated world-wide. I review the book here.

Riding The Desert Trail and Riding to Jerusalem (two books) - Bettina Selby
Bettina's lovely one-way quests that lead her to the source of the Nile river and from London to Jerusalem. I love how she recounts her travels with a historical flair, educating the reader in the process.

Europe By Bike - Karen Whitehill
A guide to traveling in Europe and rding with children.

*Full Tilt - Dervla Murphy
It's the best written travelogue of a woman pedaling alone in Europe and the Middle East. She's one gutsy lady and I stand in awe of her daily exploits. I want to read more of Dervla's books. Don't you just love her name?

*Books I will go to great lengths to replace. I highly recommend these.

When the weather turns dreary and cold I search for another bike tale to help me through the winter. What is your favorite velo book?


  1. Of your selection I have read 'Miles from Nowhere' and 'Full Tilt'. Fantastic!

  2. One of my favorites is Going to the Sun by James McManus. I wrote a brief excerpt here:

    Thanks for the great book selections and recommendations.. I'm definitely going to pick up Miles from Nowhere and Full Tilt.

    I also read Mia Birk's "Joy Ride" and respect her highly for putting herself out there and making a difference. So this is one I recommend. I think I recall you saying you worked with Mia or met her when you lived in Portland?


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