Friday, November 24, 2023

Coffeeneuring 2023 - Learning to Paint with Gouache, Rides 5-7


#5 - This mug was a hostess gift at wedding shower - the hostess was a potter.
To recap, I'm learning to paint with gouache by completing mini paintings of special mugs used in the challenge. A complete painting usually takes two days; one for sketching and painting a base layer color: the second for completing the mug portion, then adding a complimentary background color. I'm happy with the results - love bold colors - and plan to hang a framed collage in our kitchen.

Coffeeneuring #5 was a special event, heading out for my first ride on my newly built Specialized Hard Rock. I set up the Jack-the-Bike-Rack for immediate utility so I could carry coffeeneuring supplies. 

Stunning afternoon light at Bayside Park.

5. The Place: Bayside Park, Colchester
Date: Sunday, November 12
Drink: English Breakfast Tea with maple sugar & milk
Observation: The maiden voyage of my Specialized Hard Rock. It's fun!
Total Miles: 12

#6 - a 2019 gift from a dear friend. The petroglyph characters are throwing spears at a SUV (out of view)
This was my only evening ride of the challenge. With high winds, I pedaled around a bit and finally found a well-lit, sheltered spot behind a community center. 

6. The Place: Picnic tables behind the Miller Center, Burlington
Date: Wednesday, November 15
Drink: Green Tea with honey
Observation: I rode around for a while, seeking a well-lit spot sheltered from the strong breeze.
Total Miles: 10

#7 - a pottery mug adorned with three dimensional maple leaf, a gift from my brother.

On the last day of the challenge, I rode to the nearest beach at lunchtime and sat for a moment on a log, sipping tea and admiring the view. It was very peaceful.

7. The Place: Rossetti Park Beach
Date: Monday, November 20
Drink: Tulsi Tea
Observation: Lunchtime scamper to the nearest quiet beach, avoiding a cold, dark evening ride, just making the event deadline.
Total Miles: 3


  1. That petroglyph mug is great! Like how these coffeeneuring rides were "without walls"; I'd like to do more of that kind next year.

    1. With many compliments from friends, I have tried to find the mug but have come up short. The friend who gifted it lived in Portland Oregon at the time so perhaps only a few were produced.

  2. What a good idea to paint the mugs.


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