Thursday, December 1, 2022

Unexpected Peugeot St. Laurent Upgrades

Asking for a updated shifter and getting a whole new drivetrain!
I've been running a 1X system on the Peugeot St. Laurent since April. At the time, our son cobbled together some some new and used parts, using a single thumbshifter. It wasn't a perfect system, but allowed me to get used to less gears, which proved brilliant. The thumbie was always the weak part, requiring strength, finesse, and friction mode guesswork!  

The speed shifter allows shifting into higher gears with my index finger -
similar to my mountain bike. Less strain on my thumb!
This autumn I asked for a speed shifter. As is our son's pattern, he works on personal projects after hours for efficiency - nothing like his shop corner, favorite tools, and handy access to used and new parts.

What I didn't expect was getting a new drivetrain!

New cassette and derailleur, plus new, used rear wheel.

I presume he was still learning last spring and wanted to properly set up the 1 x system. He knows how much I like this old Peugeot. Fortunately, it only cost me parts. 

New gold chainring.

I have enjoyed watching our son's growth and confidence bloom since working full time as a bike mechanic. Not everyone is lucky enough to get paid for their passion! Once upon a time he teased me because I had 4 bicycles, but no longer. He has double that, plus two more frames he intends to build up.

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